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College Cooking 101
with Max & James



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    Hello, Columbia Lions! Welcome to College Cooking 101, the world's only cooking show by college students, for college students. Hopefully you've seen all of our wonderful and informative cooking/talk/comedy shows by now, but if you haven't why not go to the Episodes page and catch up?

    In the latest video, available here, Max shares some important news with viewers that you won't want to miss. Apparently, Columbia Television is run by even bigger morons than we realized.

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    It seems that Columbia Television is having some sort of problem with their phones and e-mails, because they refuse to get in touch with us at all. So we need you, our viewers and die-hard fans (there's a lot of you) to contact everyone at Columbia Television and give them a piece of your mind.

    Goodbye for Now, Viewers
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  • Miss some of those e-mail addresses? Click here to find them all.

    Max & James' Radio Interview for WNYU:

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    Max & James are even more famous than ever before! Below you can listen to a radio interview we were definitely asked to do for Citywide, WNYU Radio's culture show. Odd that Columbia hasn't asked us yet. You can listen to it below:

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    The show explores all the cool stuff we did in order to make College Cooking 101, as well as some other upcoming projects, as soon as Randy agrees to let us use his equipment again. Also, I would like to apologize in advance for James' behavior at the end of the interview. Entirely unprofessional

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